being alive

Comedy/Drama; Feature length

Two older men try and reignite their marriage by returning to where they first fell in love: New York City.


*Mentored by Sabrina Dhawan & George Malko.


mrs. saffron

Comedy/Horror; Feature length

A suburbanite's idyllic life of small town tyranny is threatened when a childhood enemy moves in next door and tries to dethrone her as 'Queen of Saffron Street'

*Mentored by Sabrina Dhawan



Horror; Feature length

A tormented writer's life is in danger when a masked maniac starts killing gay students via an iPhone app on his college campus. 

*Reviewed by NYU Tisch School of the Arts (2013)


kal meets god

Comedy/Drama; Short feature

A depressed Kal learns the true nature of the word 'hero' when an old friend shows up at his door looking for help. 

*Mentored by George Malko

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grim interiors

Horror; Short feature

Rebecca Walters believes her quaint Upper West Side apartment is a hub of supernatural bedlam.

*Mentored by Sabrina Dhawan


the phone cord

Drama; Short feature

Lucy's endless cycle of domestic hell comes to a halt when an old acquaintance triggers her.