A suburbanite becomes possessed by the spirit of her murdered neighbor and seeks out to find the killer, uncovering secrets about her small town, her family, and even herself along the way. 

Drama; One-Hour pilot



A closeted teenager navigates the tumultuous waters of his catholic high school. 

Drama; Half-Hour pilot


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A neurotic man joins an 'Oversharers Anonymous' group when his overactive mouth gets him into serious trouble with pretty much everyone. 

*Mentored by Charlie Rubin

Comedy; Half-Hour pilot

sharing is caring


A sociopath infiltrates the high-stakes world of New York PR in order to escape her abusive family unit.  

*Mentored by Terry Curtis Fox

Drama; One-Hour pilot



​Three 20-somethings manage their careers, romantic entanglements & mental stability in contemporary Toronto.

*Reviewed by NYU Tisch School of the Arts (2014)

Drama; One-Hour pilot / 2 seasons

the crazies


Abbi & Ilana travel to Fire Island in order to find the perfect orgasm. 

*Mentored by Daniel Goldfarb

*Workshopped with the Austin Film Festival (2016)

Comedy; Half-Hour spec

broad city


Caputo organizes a poorly conceived Sadie Hawkins dance in order to boost morale at Litchfield. 

*Mentored by Stuart Feldman

Drama; One-Hour spec

orange is the new black


The ladies of Wisteria Lane join a local theatre company production of Hedda Gabler, setting off a chain of events that illuminate their complicated secrets and lies.

*Reviewed by NYU Tisch School of the Arts (2014)

Drama; One-Hour spec

desperate housewives